Embedded Reading tweak

Yesterday in the first day of a workshop with the wonderful Cherise Montgomery, I watched a culturally-based power point that gave me yet another way to think about embedded readings.

Cherise started by telling the name of an artist and showing a picture of him. On the next slide, she showed a picture, asked his name, and added that he liked to paint. (All the words she used were also written on the slide.) 

In the next one, she asked his name, confirmed his name and what he liked to do, and explained that he liked to paint murals. And so on. The text kept growing.

Then she introduced a new artist and used the same kind of information, but added a painting of a girl. It turned out that the girl was sad. Why was she sad? We tried to figure it out. 

The next slide was another artist, who liked to paint yet other kinds of paintings, but it turned out that he was a friend of the girl in the picture, and she was no longer sad because she had a friend. 

This whole thing was beautifully thought out, and had lots of circling. The only thing it didn’t have was the TPRS personalization piece, but that would be easy to bring in, if you did comparisons.

I’m sorry that I couldn’t continue for the whole week with Cherise. Life sometimes interferes with plans. I’m just hoping that Betsy and Cara will take really good notes and share with me. Hey! Cara! If you get this, will you please let me post notes? 

5 responses to “Embedded Reading tweak

  1. Michelle, love how clearly you spelled out each step, it felt almost like I was watching her in person as well. This post really fills in a gap for me on how to present cultural-based materials.
    Thank you!


    • Haiyun, it was really quite wonderful. It’s something I can actually envision preparing now, during the summer. Usually I can’t focus on schoolwork because I forget what the kids are like, but if I create something like this, it will stick with me.


  2. Michelle,
    I also have a question to ask about teaching a multilevel class. Next year, one of my Chinese I classes is going to be combined with my currently Chinese I, which means a Chinese I and a Chinese II class would be taught together. I think from reading your post, you teach multilevel class, right? If you do, do you think we could Skype sometimes to talk? Otherwise, you might need to write a novel to teach me how. My Skype name is “oceanskyl”.
    I would be so deeply appreciated!


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