Finished! And thank you.

Hello. Nathan here.  It’s been so long since I’ve posted or even commented on anything that I need to almost reintroduce myself, and I definitely have a bunch of back reading to do on the blogs again.  But I’m back because I’m finally finished; my dissertation is done and was turned in today.  It ended up running 247 pages, and pretty much took the best part of this year to write.

In the final writing stages I had to banish myself from the blog circuit entirely because it’s literally impossible for me to “just read one” topic and before I know it there goes my afternoon.  Now I can rejoin the world of the living–at admittedly a fairly dead time as school is just wrapping up here and already done elsewhere.

As my research I wrote about the TPRS world and how teacher develop through working together, and I really need to express my thanks to the entire TPRS community that is among the most caring, innovative and supportive I’ve known anywhere.  Many thanks to the teachers I have worked with, and I’m looking forward to meeting others as we roll along. So a heartfelt thanks to the community that MJ has nurtured here and the larger TPRS community we’re embedded in.


One response to “Finished! And thank you.

  1. Hurrah, Nathan!! I knew you must be in the end stages and have been wishing you well. As you will find a few posts back, we were talking about how much you have to share and how we value your input.

    Congratulations many times over! I wish you lived here so that we could put on a barbeque for your whole family…because I’m sure that it’s a relief for everyone.

    247 pages…wow. You’re an author!

    Enjoy a breath of untrammelled air. You deserve it.


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