More Assessment Resources

Megan and Kara have a great blog going. I noticed that some people have come here to check Kelly’s bicycle Prezi from there. In the comments attached to this post, Megan and Kara have linked to their district assessments for three languages.

8 responses to “More Assessment Resources

  1. Isn’t it interesting to check the statistics page and see how people arrive at your site?! Love it.


    • Yeah…well, since really it was your comment on that site that ended up bringing people here, I guess the credit really goes to you!! Martina, rocking, as always (now in more than one way, right?)!


  2. Michelle,
    Do you happen to have a rubric for the illustration? Sometimes, I assign students to draw a cartoon based on the story we did in class as homework. But, I never get to create a rubric for it. I’m hoping to get better organized over the summer. Thanks in advance!


    • Hmm. I don’t have a specific “illustration” rubric. I probably should, because it would be easier than creating it each time I assign a drawing. Usually it’s a B if they clearly illustrate the basics (which I lay out); “basics” meaning whatever the key structures for that story were, or the level 2 version if it’s an embedded reading. When my kids do illustrations, they have to caption their drawings so that I can identify what they’re drawing, because I don’t grade on art ability.

      Then, if they manage to illustrate level 3 of an embedded reading, or include something that is higher level, something I wouldn’t expect them to know as well or express, they get the A.

      If you get a rubric made up, maybe you could share it! If I do, I will too.

      Does that help?


  3. Michele,
    Thanks for the link. I’ve come across that blog before but never really had time to look around. Just spent over an hour going through many cool ideas there. This time, filed everything I plan on using with Evernote so I can find it easily between dance competitions and swing/sand box combo. Приятных вам путешествий!


  4. Same to you, Natalia! I keep hearing about Evernote and have to check it out. I’ve started Delicious, and want to limit the places I need to go or save things.

    Kara, you have it exactly right. I like the rcampus link (and also rubistars4teachers, if that’s the right name), but the specific rubric has more focus on the drawing than I’d like. While I teach my kids how to make their creative tasks look better (use borders, for example, and find an anchor design to pull it together), I don’t want the grade in my Russian class to reflect their artistic abilities.

    Hah! Using Kara’s great key words, I found this rubric on the rcampus site. It doesn’t totally address a response in drawn form, so I’m going to keep looking around, but at least we know that the phrase will get results.


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