Those little words

I created a Smartbook Notebook document for next year. It has one, two, and three-letter words so that students can practice the alphabet and get those pesky little words running through their heads. Until I was trying to understand my Dutch relatives the last week, I hadn’t ever realized how helpful it was to know all those words, even without understanding everything around them. It meant that I knew where clauses were beginning and ending, and that I had a sense of structure that then left me free to figure out the rest of the conversation. So…here it is. In the Notebook document, I covered everything but the Russian word on the first page with a screen, then showed the transliteration and the translation on the second. That didn’t come through in the export, unfortunately (it looks like I just duplicated each page), but I think my students will be able to use the document at home anyway. I’ll mostly use it in class for a few minutes each day when we’re learning letters.

I’ll do the document with the longer HF “little” words next.

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