Five Word Skit

I’ve been over on the Creative Language Class blog today a little more than I want to admit to (especially since I have a couple of huge jobs that I have to get done) and found lots of ideas that can be adapted to the CI classroom.

I love this post on the Five Word Skit. It reminds me of the video contest that does essentially the same thing, but I never tried using the idea with kids.

It would be fun to try this with teachers at one of the conferences this summer. We could do it with the same five words in every language. I like the idea of requiring that the words be used in the same order in each skit. I could see it as a group bonding activity for Kindergarten Day, as well as a sneaky way to get some output earlier than the kids are ready.

Okay. I promise not to post any more from that blog! But I guess I’d better get it on the sidebar so that I can find it again.


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