Reading/Listening Comprehension Rubrics

Haiyun asked about rubrics for illustrations the other day, and now I’ve decided it’s an important topic to be able to find again, rather than getting lost in other posts.

Kara gave us the right wording for such a thing, reminding me at least that what we’re doing here is interpreting reading comprehension.

There are a number of different ways to assess reading, and doing it by means of a drawing is a little different. Here is a discussion that assesses reading fluency, mostly by speed. It gets back (without saying it) to that Ted Talk that Betsy sent about one-butt piano playing.

Here’s another rubric that talks about skills enhancing interpretation of reading, but it still won’t give us a way to assess drawings.

Here’s the rubric Haiyun found originally for drawings. I would use the “Words” and “Story Element” sections of the rubric. It’s pretty close to perfect, but as I mentioned, I don’t want a grade in my Russian class to reflect drawing ability. After reading Wormeli and Marzano, I also separate out issues of timeliness because they are behaviors, rather than demonstrations of language ability.

I looked on Bryce’s site for more, and I’ll scour a few other places in the next few days. If you find or develop something, I’d love to see it!

Here’s my adaptation of the rcampus rubric for a start.
Story-drawing rubric


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