Language! works

I had the first seven hours of a fourteen-hour training today with a presenter on the new system of reading instruction for our district. It was delightful to see what that program does that we are already doing.

We do PQA to introduce new words. We offer a limited number of high-frequency words per lesson (they offer five, but those five are through an entire unit, as far as I remember). The presenter actually said that lots of people don’t understand why the kids have so few focus words. “They can’t acquire them any faster than that.”

Another big point was that Special Ed and English Learners need from 50 to 300 repetitions! I had never heard that from anyone but TPRS folks.

They had grammar pop-ups and gestures and choral reading…

For Scaffolding Literacy fans, there were major overlaps there too. In fact, I had the feeling that if one took all the fancy little books that go with the system away, leaving only the readings, what one would have would be the skeleton of SL. But since it’s hard to teach SL, we have it in “canned” form.

I am so sleepy that I can’t remember where I put the notes or what else I wrote down…but I will come back tomorrow and add to this list. It was an absolutely inspiring workshop. As Betsy said, the best teaching in the country is all converging. The research says that what we are doing in Storytelling is the right course to take.


2 responses to “Language! works

  1. I love learning about strategies that overlap with TPRS, because TPRS stands for good teaching. What is the name of this program?


  2. It’s truly called “Language!” It is for teaching struggling readers, and our district has just adopted it.

    Nice to talk with you on Thursday!


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