Tell me please/hello

I decided that in the last couple of years, I haven’t really concentrated on the most basic phrases that kids need in case they go to Russia, so today when two of the level 1 kids walked in asking how to say, “Hello,” I decided to make it into a story.

(I also hadn’t worked on letters/reading in syllables/reading words, and now I’m doing that big time. It seems to be working.)

Words on the board: Please say (doubles as “Tell me, please”), Hello, s/he said.
Added later: goodbye, romantically, and loudly.

I had two actors come up. I told the boy to say “Hello” romantically, and the girl to say it loudly (somewhat angrily). We spent a lot of time acting that out and asking who said it how.

Then I pulled two more kids up, and they said “Hello” and “goodbye” romantically and loudly. That process, amazingly, took 30 minutes, if you count the fact that I introduced the story-writer job and the quiz-writer job and gave a hands-up/hands down quiz at the end. It’s really nice to have the quiz, because it’s even more reps of the words.

We managed to get the idea of past tense and adverbs in there.

This is a version of Blaine’s new technique, which is supposed to involve interviewing a kid, verifying the information and then reporting about it in past tense. I did a little better in the intermediate class with that, having decided to use “is called.” I got one boy up and determined what his name was and that he lived in the town that was called Anchorage. We went back and forth on his information. Then another kid came up and we found out that he’s a unicorn named Bolt who lives in a village named Nachukchuk. “Class, there was a unicorn! Was his name Jay, or Bolt? Yes! His name was Bolt. Where did he live, in a city or a village? What was the village called? Who lived in a city? What was the boy’s name? Was the unicorn’s name Bolt? What was the city called that he lived in?”

Parallel stories! They really work…you can start asking a whole lot of questions. I think I’m finally getting this.

What I’m not getting is how to fit the portable Smart Board into the classroom in such a way that everyone will be able to see the movie that I wanted to talk from.


3 responses to “Tell me please/hello

  1. This is awesome, makes “is named” “is called” so much more interesting, and the question forming? Great great great.

    Ha, yet again, I’m shamelessly stealing from your blog like a thief 🙂


  2. You’ve got me psyched to try Blaine’s technique more often!!! Check out the Greetings embedded reading and powerpoint too!
    love you!


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