I am wishing for the ability to have a safe, school-district approved FB. I hear there’s a site out there that mimics it, but what I’m wishing I could use is one of those groups where people have to be invited. People don’t really want new social networking places to go to (I’m surprised that a number of people read this blog sometimes!), but now that I’ve been going to FB for my Distance Learning class, I find that I end up on FB a lot more. I suspect that kids would end up on a group page a lot if we had it linked to their FB.

My advanced class evidently spent last night planning out their back stories and how they all overlapped. One girl brought in a map, with pictures, of how the different personae were starting to interact. Another pair came in and asked whether they could make a movie in their own time for extra credit. Hmm…writing a script in Russian and then filming themselves speaking Russian? Is that my dream of what I want kids to be doing in their spare time, or what?! I didn’t even pretend that I was thinking about it, just let them see me be happy and say “yes.”


7 responses to “Facebook

  1. Schoology offers an environment similar to Facebook. I know a school system that has incorporated it this year and the teachers are loving it. I am waiting to hear if the students do, too.


  2. Hola Michele, have you thought in using the virtual community places in the internet, where each student can have a persona and they interact there. That would be great for you too. I do not remeber the names of the sites right now, since I am in elementary, that is not appropriate for my students’ age, but it could be good for you.
    As always, I enjoy reading your posts, and get inspired to contunue creating magic in my classroom.
    I think that one of them is second life.
    Abrazos, Pia


  3. Pia and Diane, I am going to consider both those ideas…Diane, let me know what you hear! BTW, Pia, I am AMAZED by your materials…finally figured out how to get a Dropbox!

    Thanks for the response!


  4. Hi Michelle! Try LORE.com. It’s amazing and I’m using in almost all of my classes (not with my 6th graders). It’s exactly what you’re looking for!

    Marcy Little (we met in Vegas this summer, talked in the pool…)


  5. Well hi, Marcy!! Wish I could be back in that pool for just a half-hour each day…

    Thank you so much. I will be checking it out very soon.


  6. I know just what you mean. That summer glow had faded from my face by day 3 of teaching… so much to what we do when we want to do it well!


  7. I wouldn’t mind being in a pool, but not in Las Vegas.


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