It’s raining

Why is it that when I have a really great day and write about it, the next day is a downer? It’s matching the weather around here too! It’s as though I jinx myself.

I had a plan to explore Moscow with the advanced kids today, but ended up boring them with just too much input, too fast, too intense. Didn’t recognize the signs until it was too late.

Then I went too fast with my intermediates, trying to speed read with them. Not going to do that again right away! I promised them a game that we didn’t get to play. I’m going to have to figure out what we can do tomorrow that is a little less threatening. Maybe we’ll play Laurie’s VB game and ask a lot of questions.

On the plus side, I found graffiti in my room that had one kid writing that Russian is a good class. Another kid had crossed out “good,” and written “great.” And a third pen put in, “Agree.” I took a picture and put it up on my personal bulletin board before wiping it down.

Those comments almost certainly did not happen today!


One response to “It’s raining

  1. Graffiti happens! And it was good to be affirmed! stop beating yourself up! You can’t be “the best” everyday. It isn’t possible. But, thank goodness your students are willing to let you know when you’ve rushed past them. That means they trust you to the max to adapt your methods because they KNOW YOU LOVE THEM and want their success. Now that is what you need to celebrate! You’ve brought them to the maturity to let you know and YOU are teaching to the eyes. You’ve been in school only 4 weeks or so and they trust you like that? YOU ROCK!


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