Ahhh…a relaxing Friday!

In two classes, I followed Betsy’s lead and we read all period. Quiet music, quiet kids, everyone reading…

In the other three classes, we had birthdays, so we made cards while music played, and then we read whatever the class hadn’t gotten to over the course of the week. It was a great change over our hectic, fun pace the last few days. I needed a breather, and it seems the kids did too. They make great cards for one another. I can’t wait ’till it’s my birthday.

Oh…forgot that in the beginner group, we also did the “support your neighbor’s re-tell” activity. The kids had already drawn pictures last Friday with my “subs” and they used them. Since the substitute teacher kids didn’t get to handing out that particular reading, I think that what I’ll do with it next week to milk it even more is to ask the kids to help me create another version of an embedded reading with the vocabulary from the quarter. Then we’ll write it up, and after that I’ll ask them to do their first fast-write on the story or a tweaked version of it. (We take longer to get to writing with the Cyrillic.) After that, they can take the piece home and read it to their parents.

I’m going to ask my advanced and intermediate classes to help create embedded readings too, because we need to work in more of the structures for the quarter, and I’m out of ideas. Maybe that’s because it’s Friday, but this is week #6!! Only three left to go in the quarter!


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