Embedding reading

Just a quick note, because things are changing again.

I asked my beginners to help out with an embedded reading. They were amazingly quick to understand what an embedded reading was, and they happily inserted the new structures for the week into the old story. Little groups were sitting around spewing out Russian phrases for their scribes to put into the story. I wondered the whole time whether they knew what they sounded like. They were suggesting entire sentences. Totally unforced output, with a real reason, and it came because I said they should just decorate and fill in the existing story. What a concept. I could not have planned it that way if I’d tried. My idea was that they would be suggesting single words to put into the middle of a given sentence. Had I made that clear, I would not know how much they could say.

Whoo hoo! I just got a note that this is my 500th post.

One response to “Embedding reading

  1. Seriously, this is how we teach writing to our first years!!!!!! I loved reading about how they were adding SENTENCES!!!!

    with love,


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