Really, I needn’t go any further. You have the full story.

I need to slow down in my intermediate class. I have about ten kids either bouncing off the wall or gazing off into space. I could understand it if it were two kids, but ten means I am not doing a good job with them.

We had a not-very-good story that they wrote themselves yesterday and I made into an embedded reading. “Compelling” was the part that was missing.

I think I’m going to go backward a little, and do small reading groups again, giving kids a quiz at the end of chapters when they think they’re ready for the quiz in our Houdini book. Last year I had groups read on their own, but a couple of groups didn’t necessarily make sure that they understood. I will write the quiz to make sure that they re-read the chapters as they’re taking it. I had some really good luck with reading quizzes the other day. I did the four-level questions, and the kids showed me very clearly what they understood and how they connected with the reading.

That’s enough for today. Darn! SLOW DOWN! Didn’t I tell myself this last week? For some reason I can do it with the beginning groups. I do a lot of fast circling with the advanced groups (kids and parents), but I don’t have a meter in the intermediate group.


5 responses to “Bomb!

  1. Go easy on yourself. We all have those days but you are under the microscope of your blog and your superstardom in CI. You are so honest in sharing all you do I think it makes the rest of us feel better to know that it is not always perfect for everyone but us! You are so passionate about this methodology and just seem like a natural at mastering it but you are also human. That’s why we love you.


  2. You’re not alone! I have one of those classes. Last period of the day. Twenty nine students. Quite a few compulsive blurters. Some immature boys and some obnoxious girls. Love them all (ok, almost all) but when they are put together, it’s a disaster that I haven’t quite figured out how to manage yet.

    Following along with PQA is not their style but they love being talked about. Giving them a group or partner work becomes a nightmare. I feel like I need to make them more responsible for what’s going on in class daily but really am not looking forward to grading something every day. There are good moments too but they don’t last long enough to make me happy with the way the class went overall. Sigh.

    Back to the drawing board. Rethink, review, redo. Thank goodness for people like you who share their materials and experiences. Спасибо!


    • Thank you both for your kindness and sympathy! I really do want to connect with kids all the time, and it feels as though when class doesn’t go well, I am wasting their time. We only have 180 hours a year, minus all those hours that are lost to testing, absences, etc.

      But yeah…I’m going to do something new tomorrow.


  3. Even on the days that you ‘bomb”, you are still providing your students with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to be together in your room!!! As for bad days…that is the beauty of our job..they leave after a while, and come back tomorrow so we can start anew!!!

    with love,


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