We’re coming up on the end of first quarter, and I’m pulling together my kids’ cumulative knowledge. In the intermediate and advanced classes, they’re going to do a group story, listen to a story and answer questions, read sentences with the critical structures from the quarter, and they’ll write using the same vocabulary.

They’ll probably take the sentence quiz first, and let that lead into the story writing. I am modeling my sentence quiz after something Nathan did earlier: giving them a table with the focus word in the first column, a sentence about something we read or talked about in with that structure in the second column, and a place to write the meaning of just that word in the third column. That will help me know whether they got this vocabulary or not. I don’t feel as though it’s fair to give it to them out of context.

Then, with those same words in front of them, they get to write a story. Whether it’s about Houdini or the texts we’ve done in the advanced class, I haven’t decided yet. It might be free-form with some suggestions. The rubric will be at the novice-mid level for Russian 2, novice high for Russian 3, and Intermediate Low and Mid for Russian 4 and 5. (We’ll see how that works. Might be too high for Russian 4-5.)

The same thing will be true for the speaking. Listening is harder to make fit the proficiency levels for me without giving different texts. If anyone out there has any ideas, I’d love them.

In the beginning class, they will get some of their stories with the critical vocabulary highlighted and in a table at the side of the document for translating those structures. They’ll also get to answer questions in English, but I’ll probably read the text to them. First year kids don’t have to talk, but the second-year kids do.

The first-year kids will get to listen to me tell the story of one of our characters from our movies and answer questions.


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