World’s Greatest Father

Well, I’m about three weeks and change away from the end of our quarter, so I haven’t made the same full out assessment turn that MJ has, so in the meantime I’m just rolling along.

I came across a priceless set of pictures this week of the “World’s Best Father”

Because I have a couple students in my German III/IV class who weren’t in my German II class last year (one transferred from another school and one I had skip level II altogether because he’s that good) I wanted them to get a good review of the German II words I handed out last year.

So what I did over a couple of days this week (splitting it up for variety’s sake) was hand each group of two students a list of targeted phrases (generally about 25 words), a mini-whiteboard and marker, and then show one of these pictures on the board.  Each group had to then come up with a sentence that then used at least one target phrase.  I did a “1,2,3 now” reveal with the class and we read each other’s phrases.

I have to say that my upper level class this year really has a sharp sense of humor, and they did things with the language that were just brilliant.  Wanting to preserve that, I took my iPad and quickly took pictures of everybody’s whiteboard before we moved on to the next picture.  We got through about 6-7 pictures in a class period, and I’m planning on making up a book with their phrases and the picture as a FVR resource for my German II and up students to learn from. Because there are 26 pictures in this set, I’m having the first 13 pictures be from one set of vocabulary, and the second 13 pictures be from another vocab set.  This way I get a review for my III/IV class, a resource for my II class, and a very simple (and fun) day for myself all bundled into one.

4 responses to “World’s Greatest Father

  1. Nathan, you win every possible prize of the day! I was just laughing so hard I’m crying! Thank you very much.


  2. Hi Nathan,

    Is the benefit of photographing with the ipad, that you can see the pictures immediately? Or was it just what was closest to hand?


  3. Hi Megan. Yes and yes. The first round we did this I had people hold up their whiteboards while I manually wrote down what they said to preserve the idea. But that just took way too long with too much downtime in-between pictures. I used the iPad (which was handy) to just record things. A camera (or smartphone) would work too as long as you could read the results on the viewfinder.


    • Good idea. My students do a lot of planning on miniwhiteboards. I use my camera a lot and have a working smartboard in my class, but it takes a while whereas the ipad means instant review, if that is what’s required.


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