Easy Monday

I was sick this weekend too–my son had a boy scout camping activity that I chaperoned and it rained the entire weekend.  Came home with a sinus headache, cold, the works.  That and I had to eat chili dogs.

So feeling totally plowed this Monday morning, I was thrilled to see that I wanted to cover the word “passt” which means “fits” or “matches.”  Why thrilled?  Because one of my former students sent me a link to this gem:


I took the pictures out of this and made a Google Docs PowerPoint out of it.  Feel free to make a copy and switch the titles to your language.


So after talking about weekends and learning the German for “Part” and “fits/matches”, we looked through the pictures and discussed what parts of their faces matched.  “The eyes match, but the lips don’t match.”  Sometimes we’d discuss this as a class, sometimes the partners had to do it on their own.  Really fascinating pictures, and we got a ton of reps just discussing them and laughing at them.

So, if you need to have an easy lesson for a day, show some pictures, discuss them and have fun.  Almost makes it worth having to eat the chili dogs.  Almost.


2 responses to “Easy Monday

  1. Love it! Thank you for this and for all your posts. You always inspire me 🙂


  2. Hey Nathan…since I’m still sick and have to figure out something for adult class tonight…you are the greatest!!


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