Everything but the sink

Life is better. I can talk again. And I have some of my creative juices back, as I learned while planning last night’s adult classes.

I set up a literacy scaffolding lesson to use with my intermediates as we worked through part of a story by Janna Lelchuk (Russian speakers, find and get her books!! She’s a great local writer.) As I worked on it, I noticed the overlaps with the song I had planned for the beginning group. It turned out that I used Movie Talk with both groups to show (silently) an MTV video about the famous Jamaica-Argentina soccer game. That helped me with a bunch of different verbs, and like magic, people were coming up with new vocabulary afterward. Then we sang the song. The words segued into the story about this little boy who gets a magic matroshka, and after the pre-tell I did the word sequence from literacy scaffolding. We’ll continue that next time. Then we started reading, and when we hit the section of text where we’d looked at the sentences, I could just feel the class go from low gear to high power. It was like their brains hit the vroom button!

Each of these techniques has the CI mode of presentation, the “plan for student success,” and the chance to connect with different kinds of brains, and they overlap in curious ways. I’m grateful to have found them!


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