Halloween story

I was just starting to type up the yarn that my beginners told on Thursday, when I remembered that I have only two days with them before Halloween, and also that I wanted to use Alma this year!

Whoops!! I want to use it with every group…so I’m going to set it up tomorrow or Tuesday, depending on when groups have Russian with our blocking schedule, and then everyone gets to watch the end on either Wednesday or Thursday. The parents will get a condensed version tomorrow night. I hope there are no small children there this time. Last week we had an adorable kindergartner who is in his first year of Russian immersion, and he kept chiming in with answers or suggestions as he did his homework. Everyone was charmed and in love with him.

I will come back later and put in the link, but briefly, here’s the story: little girl is walking down the street and sees a shop with dolls. One in the window has her exact outfit…turns out that the shop captures live children and they become dolls. We shared it here last year, but that link doesn’t work any more. You’ll find it on YT if you search for “Alma” and look for the video with the little girl on a snowy street. It’s short and perfect for MovieTalk and predictions. There are no words, only a jaunty piece on clarinet.

If anyone has other ideas for Halloween, I’d love to hear them. Last year I got a lot of mileage out of asking who wanted to be what, and what they planned to do.

Speaking of that, the inservice I attended on Friday (second inservice in two weeks) talked about “Can Do” statements. I realized that a big piece of Fridays and Mondays (sharing plans for the weekend and telling about them afterward) is exactly what students need to be able to do for these testing situations and in real life. Well, we knew that, but it was nice to have support, even if it had to come from a testing company.

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