Alma, continued and SEL

Every class has now at least started Alma and the parallel story for it. Two classes are at least part-way through the embedded reading that goes with it. I now have to write up two of their stories. Maybe I’ll do a reading assessment with them, having changed the details. Or maybe we’ll textivate.

We’ve done quizzes in two classes, and I’ve taken the Blaine tack of offering an extra point on the quiz for a note about “what’s going on” in their lives. There are a lot of issues messing with the kids’ minds. I’m really glad I asked. They need to be able to tell someone, and in at least one case, there is serious follow-up for me.

Meanwhile, I’m personally having trouble focusing here because of the stories on the East Coast. My heart goes out to everyone there, including my friend Melissa who can’t get home for a while. With pictures like those, we don’t need anything else to scare us for Halloween. Take care all.

2 responses to “Alma, continued and SEL

  1. So logical to use Alma around Halloween and I failed to include it in my plans this week. We haven’t been to school yet this week due to weather so there’s no way I can squeeze it in. Maybe next week. Thanks for the reminder.


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