ACTFL 2012

Anyone else going to be at ACTFL 2012 in a couple of weeks? I am lucky enough to be getting there, and hope to see some of you. Probably I’ll go look for other like-minded folks at Carol Gaab’s booth.


8 responses to “ACTFL 2012

  1. See you there, Michele! If you’re in town Thursday, come visit us local TPRSers at Friends Center in Philadelphia. It’d be great to have you there!


  2. YOU ARE GOING TO ACTFL????????????????????????? My life is complete!!!! Anny I so wish that I could get to that…maybe for some of the afternoon..I’ll have to see..THANK YOU so much for organizing that!!
    with love,


    • Laurie, Michele– Come if you can! The afternoon is more free-form– sharing ideas and discussing strategies and advanced techniques.


      • I am sad to recall that my flight gets in around 4:00. I think I travel 12 hours, and I leave somewhere after midnight (4:00 am your time). Darn! But maybe some of you will be around the next day too.


  3. I will see you there! Check out the booth also! They will be offering free TPRS language classes in French or Mandarin hourly!


  4. Whoo hoo! I don’t remember exactly when I’m getting in on Thursday (overnight flight from Anchorage, leaving in the wee hours). I’m staying at the downtown Marriott, and have only one required meeting. As always, I’ve scoped out my hoped-for food destinations (Reading Market, Thai place) and now I know where to find friends. I might be under my name, or else under Elena Farkas’ name there, but at least Laurie has my cell phone #. Will try to see EVERYONE!!


  5. I’ll be there too! I downloaded the actfl app and marked all the CI /TPRS sessions already. I’m taking the train in every day. Wish I knew all of you we’re coming earlier. I would have invited you to spend a night at our dairy farm for some authentic country Pennsylvania culture experience to contrast to the Philadelphia city culture.


    • Darn! I would have loved that. But my district is flying me in Wednesday night/Thursday (I do get in near 5:00 pm) and back out on Sunday, so probably wouldn’t have much chance to do anything else. I can’t wait to see people, anyway!!


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