Write up the story

I just bombed. My first-years and I were in the middle of watching the New Year story of Masha and the Bear (a little early, but it will give us lots of background for the video we’ll see later). We finished and had ten minutes left. I hadn’t planned very well, so we started writing out the story on the overhead.

Because these are not all words that they’ve acquired, they really couldn’t help me write, not in the same way that they can do with a story we’ve come up with in class. We hadn’t pre-told this one. They did their best, but we got way out of bounds with vocabulary. It seems as though it’s okay when words are going by in MT and some of them are not comprehensible (maybe I need to rethink that), but when we were writing them, it was too much. There was none of that feeling of goodwill and happy concentration that I’m used to in this class. Instead, the kids were anxious to pack up at the end of the period and walk out. Bummer!

Lesson: I have to stick to the pre-telling/pre-asking of these stories so that I have a game plan. No winging it, on any level.


3 responses to “Write up the story

  1. So I sort of bombed again, even though I was playing it safe, with a movie I know and have practiced with…luckily it was with my wonderful adult group, who were clear with me that I was going too fast. SLOW. My watchword again. SLOW.


  2. I think that there is a little voice in our heads right now calling ….get to Thanksgiving break as quickly as possible! I find myself out of synch and at the wrong speed this week too!!

    with love,


    • Thank you, Laurie! I am leaving notes for my sub for the end of this week, and keep writing, “Go slowly! I reward the students for asking for clarification.” Hope she can slow down too…


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