Reading circles

I needed to check how my kids were doing in reading in first year.

They arranged their chairs into a double circle, with partners sitting across from each other. They took the complete packet of recent stories. Their job: to read each story in English to the partner, then draw three pictures and add captions from that story. Meanwhile, I listened to all the five kids around me. If I heard them reading, I didn’t have to listen again, but mostly I asked each student to read quickly to me in English. Then the outer circle (where I was sitting) moved two places to the right, and the inner circle moved three places to the right, and we’d start with another story. It gave me the chance to listen to more than half of my 30 kids in just about 20 minutes, and they were all very active in the meantime.


3 responses to “Reading circles

  1. Sounds neat! Did you use stories you had already read or were they new stories? Or both?


  2. One more question…did both circles move just for the sake of getting to move (nothing wrong with that!) instead of one circle moving 3 places? Or did I miss the point there?


  3. They were old stories that the kids had read on the overhead, in choral groups. I was feeling the need to check who is “getting” Cyrillic, because I haven’t been assessing reading individually as much as I should have, what with all my forays into MovieTalk.

    I was sitting in the outer circle, and I had a partner. I listened to that student read, then the ones on either side of him or her, then the ones next to me. By that time, I figured they all needed new partners for the next story, so moving them like that meant that they didn’t have the same person each time. Otherwise they get too entrenched.


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