Taking a break

In two classes, we took a break from what we’ve been doing and basically read (and told a few jokes at the end) all period. It was wonderful. Strangely enough, the kids thanked me! They needed a break too. (The advanced group asked whether it was a new form of Kindergarten Day. I said “Yes.”) I think what that says is that we’ve all been pushing too hard. There’s nothing more wonderful after a stressful week than giving a quick book talk on some readers and a few children’s encyclopedias and sitting back to enjoy the silence and the focus.

In the other class, we’ve been singing songs, some of which involve pryaniki, Russian ginger cookies, so I bought some of those and brought them in for the kids to taste. We channelled Jenny Kelly, who always talked about plates and knives and what to say as a meal starts, as well as waiting for everyone to get food. (Being able to observe real classes in action is always valuable later when things come up.) After we ate, we made birthday cards for our two birthday people.


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