13 days ’till …

Thirteen school days ’till the holiday, but who’s counting!

I went to our Anchorage Symphony’s collaboration with the silent film, Zorro, and got some more audience ideas: don’t just “ohhhh.” Add in hissing, booing, cheering and sighing!! (That is the big takeaway for this post.)

Today in my advanced class I followed a rigorous warmup of sounds, syllables, vocabulary, grammar, PQA and modeling with a few structures requiring dative case. Then I turned on one of the kids’ Moscow powerpoints from a weekend, and put the kids into groups where they had to use those pictures to tell about how they spent time together that weekend. Mostly it was not TPRS, but it was a piece from the virtual move. It was fun. I got to hear where there are still holes in grammar that I need to be repeating over and over. Tomorrow we’re going to do a writing assignment with the same picture, and I will type up an embedded reading from that.

In my later class, we are still reading Houdini, and I had the kids break up into teams of three to act it out in complete silence as I read it to them. Then they had to meet in teams of four to use the structures we’d discussed and tweak the story in some way.

We’ll see what happens, since the period ended short, and now they’re going to have to reform the groups for tomorrow.


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