Slipping input in

I wanted to review some of our vocabulary words, and wasn’t up to doing a story in the middle of everything else we’re doing.

Students took whiteboards and did “spelling” by syllable. As they wrote the words and I checked them, I kept on repeating information from our story and movie. Then we did a six-square chart and I dictated the words again, using them in sentences that reflected what we’ve been doing. Then they had to draw a two-minute storyboard about the movie we’ve been watching. I put up sentences about the movie on the projector, and they had to hold up their boards and point if the board reflected a particular sentence.

My counter got 123 reps on one of the vocabulary words, and it didn’t really seem as though I’d said it that often. I did try to work it in when doing Movietalk later in the period, but wasn’t focusing only on that word.


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