Staying up for The Hobbit

Many of my advanced kids came in today exhausted because they’d gone to the midnight opening of the Hobbit. I had been planning to follow up on yesterday’s summary, but didn’t do so when I realized that the AP kids had to work on their video editing (they have been reading about Russian authors, and wanted to make a video interviewing three of them), the dance kids were in today’s production for elementary kids, and most of the rest were tired.

We started talking about the movie. One kid had never read the book, and another doesn’t know the book OR the movie, so we had to tell as much of the story as possible. All the kids who loved this movie last night were chiming in about the size of the various beings, and the dragon, and the mines. They learned “the mines” in about two seconds, even getting the irregular preposition that goes with it. Honestly, we sat down for the discussion and about 20 seconds later, the period was over. I was still holding the two handouts I’d wanted them to read, but when I pretended to be frustrated, they told me it was a perfect Kindergarten Day. To make it even better, one of last year’s graduates came in to sit down with us. How wonderful it is to be teaching such a group of kids.

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