Just a fast little note: in my beginner’s class, everyone drew a picture of a highlight from vacation or of a highlight they wished they’d had. Several kids went skiing, and one student planned to go skiing, but ended up in the hot tub with some girls. (That’s as far as it went!)

I have never used the word “bathed” in Russian class as it applies to the idea of swimming in all these years, but it was the right word here. Right after we’d discussed the vacation stories, we were MovieTalk-ing a Russian children’s cartoon (the Masha and the Bear episode where the Bear falls in love), and to my wondering eyes, it appeared that the lovely Bear lady was bathing in the lake when the Bear first caught sight of her. I’d never considered using the phrase as I prepped the cartoon, planning instead to talk about the water and the sky and how beautiful she was, but having used the word just before the cartoon showed, I could repeat it and no one missed a beat.

We’re all excited here in Anchorage because we’re going to Skype with Ashley Hastings on Friday. I’ll let you know at least a tiny bit of what we learn.


6 responses to “Coincidences!

  1. That’s a funny one with the muscle bear stealing his love away… I’m so glad you found use for these cartoons!


    • We haven’t even gotten to the ending yet…I have a native speaker coming in today, and I’m going to make her listen to me talk it through. There are some phrases I use over and over, and I want to make sure they’re right.

      I’m very grateful that you turned me on to these stories. They’re just adorable, and perfect for MovieTalk.


  2. Hey Michele
    I know this is off topic but I have been trying to find the link you gave us a while ago to your speaking and writing rubric. Can you share that again? Thanks!


  3. See if you can get a camera and video the Skype session for yourself so you don’t miss a moment!!!

    with love


    • You are so right…it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of the day and not really “get” what happens. The really ironic thing is that I’m so sick I stayed home from school, so I’m likely to be in a total fog anyway. I’m taking a laptop so that another teacher can Skype, and I’ll take this little iPad to try to film…

      If anyone has better ideas in the next couple of hours, please let me know. It may be that we use the iPad for the extra skyping seat, and capture the session on iMovie on the laptop. At least that way I could burn it for teachers here, I think.


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