Using tech for reading

Two classes went to the lab and did projects that they posted on web pages. This has worked well before, so it’s a repeat assignment. It’s faster the second time.

This particular project was aimed at having kids re-read vacation stories; they put in pictures to illustrate them. You can see how I set it up for the kids. It mostly went smoothly, except for the kids who don’t read the directions. I showed them a demo to start with, and walked them through the directions, but I think my directions need some work.

The ones on the left are off to a pretty good start. The ones on the right require re-doing. All of it requires technology training…

The best thing is that the kids all read one another’s projects to see how they were presented.


2 responses to “Using tech for reading

  1. Hi, Michele:Looks like a project that requires a lot of patience! Thanks for sharing. Is your second step to edit their work? Do you rewrite and send back? I had a professor who worked effectively online with corrections.


    • I left out a really important piece…the kids don’t write a thing. I have (at this link) typed up all their vacation stories that we’ve been telling since we came back. Their job was to copy/paste the ones they liked and illustrate them.

      That may sound like it’s easy, but I hear them going through and puzzling over some of the new vocabulary, or planning to do the same one as a friend, and then they want to see what their friends did for different sentences.


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