Back in the tracks

I feel so happy! Something happened (I got healthier), and I remembered to explain to one particular group why we do things the way we do. For instance, I reminded them how to create a story with vocabulary:

Remember that the point is to use each structure as many times as possible (at least three)
Remember to have a main character
The main character has a problem or a wish or a situation
The main character wrestles with the situation three times
There is resolution

I handed out the stickies to small groups, and they had three minutes to come up with stories in English using our new vocabulary.

Then we did gestures for the new vocabulary.

Then I reminded them that PQA is to repeat the gestures a bunch of times, not to get involved in side conversations, but to pound in the vocabulary, and asked for counters, who basically ended up cheering me on when I hit multiples of ten.

Finally, we did PQA for … ta-da…the rest of the 85 minute period!!!

We didn’t get to the stories. But we spoke Russian and an artist drew and a writer wrote…the whole period. They all answered. I felt like I was truly teaching this group that has been so rough. Hurrah!!!

(Why do I think they’re going to remember the reason behind what we do? We have to remind them.)


One response to “Back in the tracks

  1. Thank you. We’ve been getting a bit dispersed lately as well; these basic guidelines will be good for me as well to tune things back up.


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