Today’s plans

People write me all the time asking what I do during class. Today I had a bunch of fun with my kids, and we mostly followed what I was hoping to do, so here’s a report.

Advanced Russian
Warm-up: Work to extend readings with vocabulary lists. (They were extending the stories by writing in extra ideas on copies of what the Russian 1 kids came up with yesterday, using last semester’s Russian 1 vocabulary to make the stories longer and more interesting.)
Thematic Piece: Read Fairy tales (LRR and GL) (They read a parody of Little Red Riding Hood and Goosi-Lebedi in groups. The groups who finished early got to sit with me and retell in past/present, depending what the original was written in. I didn’t expect this to take as long as it did, and it turned out that it was very helpful to nail down some verb forms.)
Fill in missing bits: Watch videos (We were going to look at a video program in which a grad student from San Diego State had gathered a whole bunch of clips on getting acquainted. Since we tend to touch on getting acquainted only in the first year and never do much to advance them, this is great material. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to it.)
Play categories game (they have a minute to come up with a word for each category starting with one letter. Same letter adjectives or adverbs add to their scores; we played this for five minutes at the end of the period):
set #1 food
set #2 house
set #3 store
fairy tales

Period 6 (Beginning Russian)
Warmup: Review new vocab: gestures
Correct quizzes from yesterday (oops, I’d forgotten this class didn’t take a quiz, and then I didn’t have a writer for one for today. BUMMER. No grades in the grade book this week.)
PQA: new vocab (This took an astonishingly long time. First I reviewed the numbers to count by tens so that the word counters could shout them out when I reached them. The entire back row did the wave every time I reached another ten. It was very supportive for me! It turns out there’s a lot to talk about when the words are “it is tasty,” “he is dreaming of,” and she is waiting for.” One kid dreams of riding a tiger in Africa, not in a zoo. Another one dreams of eating a tasty pizza. One of my favorite girls could not agree that borscht might be tasty. I am the only one dreaming of eating borscht. And all sorts of kids wait a very long time for mail, for love letters, for their girlfriends, for the world to have peace. In case you wonder, I said each word at least 50 times.)
Ask story: Bob, Bill, and (?) (I asked one of the stories the kids came up with yesterday. It was about this strange boy with no hair who dreamt of eating something tasty and kept getting served…pinkeye, crabs (yeah…), and finally pizza. We made it through only one story. Ran out of time.)
Read Bob, other stories (We did read them all.)
Do MT with M&M (Didn’t get to doing Movie Talk at all today. Tomorrow we have a bunch of birthdays, so I’m betting we’ll have to assign groups to kids to be able to get to the bear and the interrupted wooing.)

Sorry no timeline. And no singing. Both classes were 85 minutes long, but seemed to be somewhere under an hour.


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