iPevo document camera…new world!

I know some of you already have one of these, but I haven’t had one, and I do now. It took five minutes or less to open the disk, install it, and figure out how to work the camera, and I can see that my life is going to change…yee, haw!

It’s amazing to be able to slip a tiny picture that a kid drew under the camera and have it show up on the big screen. And then…I can take a picture of it and save it! We are going to be having even more fun now. I found some wonderful ads that I can show now, and there are pictures in old books, and …

That’s it for now! Our First Friday group is welcoming some Yupik instructors in half an hour, and I have to calm down.

PS If you haven’t been reading Laurie Clarcq lately, DO!! See the link on the right sidebar. You do not want to miss it.


8 responses to “iPevo document camera…new world!

  1. After my first month with a document camera my students were begging NOT to draw in class because I had become so enamored with having them draw while I was describing a scene followed by comparing/contrasting their drawings under the camera. Enjoy it! 🙂


  2. Spanish Teacher

    Each day we have free reading, I use the document camera to put up something to read that was selected by a student. We project the sentence or group of sentences or paragraph the student recommended, then together we “decode” the language. I project on the white board and can use a marker to notate on the projected image on the board. It’s a quick activity that gives me a chance to reinforce strategies to use when decoding passages. (My camera doesn’t take pictures easily, though! I’m jealous!)


  3. Hola! Welcome to i-pivo fans! I love it. I have one at home and one at the school. My students love it too. My only concern is the automatic re-focus feature, even a minor shadow can turn it on. I got mine three years ago when my expensive Elmo document reader had a accident. The Elmo is back and I have both in my classroom.


  4. It was Jody Noble who alerted me to the iPEVO and I love using it for all of the reasons you mentioned. I can now read small books with the larger classes on the big screen just by taking pictures of the pages and projecting them!. I just started to exploit the camera’s picture taking capacity. Big bang for the buck. Recommend highly. I have found that it takes a while for the image to focus and sometimes it seems to take a few seconds longer than it should but it finally settles down. Enjoy!


    • It’s Jody who was my inspiration, too…it just took me a while to get the thing ordered at school…I love this thing! Can’t wait ’till Monday morning!!


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