Laurie’s MovieTalk/Embedded Reading combo

Laurie’s MovieTalk/Embedded Reading combo

I finally tracked down the “connection” that WordPress kept sending me, and found that all trails lead back, as usual, to Laurie Clarcq, my hero.

Martina and I were sharing Storytelling with a wonderful group of Alaskan Yu’pik Language instructors yesterday, and part-way through the day, I realized just how inseparable Embedded Reading is for me as a tool that I use with TPRS. Now Laurie is tying it to MovieTalk in a coherent way that explains them both.

Go read!

3 responses to “Laurie’s MovieTalk/Embedded Reading combo

  1. I am suffering from Michele withdrawl. Hugs to you!! I’m cheering on your training!!!
    In other news, lots of folks are putting MT and ER together, it is interesting!!

    love you all up there,


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