Embedded Reading: a new thing!

This is just a weird slice of life from my classroom.

Someone asked for more information on Pushkin’s life than I had given them this year. I did a quick google, and came up with my own embedded reading in three versions, one that answered several of the questions the kids had about him.

I don’t know whether it was because they didn’t know it was mine (because I googled in full view of the class) or what, but when we got done with the reading, kids commented that it was really easy to read that way, and that “You should do readings like that all the time.” Huh??

Then, I went back and off-handedly did the search on our class website, and it turned up. Magic! OH. It’s ours. “Why don’t we do that more often?”

We do, really! We do embedded readings all the time! Is it February or something? Or has someone else been teaching my class?

Hmm…don’t answer that question!


4 responses to “Embedded Reading: a new thing!

  1. This post left me chuckling. So predictable and an opportunity for teacher eye rolling. Some things never change.


  2. Lesson Learned: Never feel badly about reusing materials lol!!
    with love,


    • I got to do that again today…a really cute Russian boy came over from the university and took a group of kids off to study together. I got the group that usually doesn’t let me know if they’re flailing, and we did some reading that the group had already done. It was like new, all over again. I’m afraid it was boring, and the entire school meanwhile heard about the cute Russian. He was absolutely adorable, and now every class and every group wants to meet with him.


  3. Let’s hope it helps with sign ups for next year tee hee


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