A Picture is worth…

Just another classroom embedded reading story: we had been reading a piece about geography that grew every day in embedded reading style in Russian 1. One of my Russian Club volunteers dropped in to work on a project, so she made a Power Point of the geography piece. Up until now, we’ve been pointing at a map to explain what we’re talking about.

When I showed the Power Point, there was dead silence in the room. Suddenly the kids could visualize the places we were talking about. They want to go visit! I had forgotten that, to me, a map does it all. I can see the mountains, imagine the rivers, conjure the cities. A map is as dead as a piece of print to many kids, as it turns out.

Lesson 1 returns: use pictures!


2 responses to “A Picture is worth…

  1. Ну а где же Красноярск? With these kind of photos from genious photographers (http://loveopium.ru/priroda/zimnij-krasnoyarsk.html), how could you not mention it? Sorry, I had to pitch in for hometown:)))


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