Embedded reading continues…and SLOW

Just more classroom notes:

Yesterday during Russian 1, I told the kids we were going to use something called an embedded reading. I almost never say those words in class. We just do them.

WF in the front of the class: Mrs. Paskvan used those all the time last year!

VT in the back: so did Mrs. Bex!

Okay, okay. I’m going to start announcing that “This is an embedded reading” every time we use one. That way the kids will know that we’re doing them. Evidently naming things is important.

(But truly, how cool is it that the kids know them and are happy to see them again, once they know what they’re called!!)

And on SLOW…

My poor parent group. Last week I went so fast that the parent who drove me home admitted she had understood almost nothing. I had really thought that they were doing fine. So last night, I remembered to look into their eyes and go slowly enough that the little stress lines around their eyes relaxed. I also remembered the rules of reading: set the stage. Then ask a piece of the upcoming chapter. Then do stuff with it. Then tell the piece of the chapter. Do more stuff. Then read it to them. Now the class is ready to read it…

The same parent said she got it all. Phew!! (Of course, “all” was only two pages, compared to a whole chapter last week, but I think I got the point.)

On the other hand, I’m getting much better at using Scaffolding Literacy techniques in a fluid way, rather than so lock-step. It’s only taken me two years to get to a basic ability. We are dialing down on a piece of focus text in that group, and I just pull out the text for a little while every time. They know that text almost by heart, and they’re beginning to remark on pieces from it as we read. Hurrah!

Sometimes I could hug the readers of this blog for letting me share my days with you. Thanks for comments and emails of concern. I promise…I will be writing more as soon as our state competition for spoken Russian is over this week.


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