It’s March!

I just had the sleepiest beginning level class in the history of the world. They weren’t being bad, but they also weren’t being–at all! I started dragging as much as they were by the end of the period.

We did our competition, which meant that snowboarding won out over family and something else that I can’t remember, then we learned a little song. After that we MovieTalked the film of the little song. We never got to our game, but I did give a listening quiz, which everyone aced, so I guess they were all paying attention after all.

The only thing that I know I could have done better (besides making room for more movement) was that I should have shown the film in bits before talking about it. Yeah, yeah. We just had this conversation, and I forgot about it. The kids were all paying attention to the visuals in the video and missing what I was saying. If they’d known what it was about, they could have attended better to me, but the video was new and the talking went right over their heads. (Except that…they did get it all right later…)

Next time, I’ll show the video sections in advance.


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