Adults are fun

It’s assessment time in Alaska…’nuff said…I am not teaching my kids right now, more’s the pity.

I taught my adults last night, and really stuck to the old rules. As usual, I found these tricks to be the stuff that works:

Beginners reading:
read and discuss each sentences in terms of the story
read and discuss each sentence in terms of the original parallel story
ask questions about the students
do pop-up grammar notes
ask contrastive grammar questions
ask silly questions

Intermediates reading:
still go SLOWly…it lets those with questions get a word in
discuss each sentence in terms of what has happened, what will happen, how it would be in their lives
ask a “why” question as often as possible
contrastive grammar
pop ups

admire their progress; be impressed
tell the story before you read the story
spin out the predictions that are actually right; they give you a three-for (you get the prediction, you comment on it, you read it, you respond that it was correct…then, you can even report, “Wow! Sage just told us that…” making it a five-for.)

It’s back to basics. Basics work!

I love CI/TPRS/MovieTalk/Embedded Reading. They’re all fundamentally the same thing, and each one gives me more tools to use with the next.


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