Words of praise

The university student who comes into my class told all the classes today that they might not believe it, but they are very lucky to be learning Russian first, and to be learning Russian the CI way. He explained that he’s been taking college Russian for six semesters now, and that they know their verbs of motion better than he does. He was kind of impressed to see the little bits of information I provide in grammar pop-ups on a daily basis. I’m really happy I know how to do this (well/not well!) and I’m delighted that it can be noticed and that the kids can hear how unusual their abilities are.

In other news, I had Friday kindergarten disease today (meaning I was casting at straws). We finally finished off all but the championship round of March Madness. It’s pretty fun hearing kids who don’t put themselves out volunteer to talk when Sports are up against Toast.

I was desperate for movement and vocabulary, so we also did white board spelling games. I’m happy to say that we really did nail in the vocabulary this week, and the kids are hearing the endings on the words. Why is it that everyone loves writing on mini white boards? I do too…I admit it!

The last news I have is that everyone else must know this blog by Bryan Kandel. Go check it out if you haven’t. His “thoughts on writing” post took me a whole night!

4 responses to “Words of praise

  1. Michele,
    What does your white board spelling game look like? I am looking for ways to help my kids spell better in French (since so many words sound alike but are spelled differently) and am feeling a little at a loss for ideas. Sometimes there is something great that will work that I have just forgotten. Thanks for sharing!


    • It’s very simple. They keep score on their own. I say a word, and they start waving their spelling in the air. If it’s right, I repeat the word and nod. If it’s wrong, I pronounce it the way they wrote it and say “Almost.” If they get it right, when I say the word, if they translate it immediately, they get another point. (Everyone can get both those points.) If they’re done spelling and can write a sentence using it correctly before I say the next word, they get two points if I approve the sentence. That keeps everyone moving. We don’t really do anything with the points. They just like them.


  2. Thanks so much for the kind words! Likewise, your site is a great resource and fun to read.


  3. Michele, I thought of you when I got an e-mail with info about the scholarship for teachers of Russian at the Concordia Villages. Here’s the link http://www.concordialanguagevillages.org/newsite/Programs/Educators/Teacher_Resources1/Startalk_Teacher.php#Russian


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