Sub days

I don’t know what I was thinking when I decided that I could miss five days at this time of the year with no issues.

Granted, only one was by complete choice. Two were for a board meeting that required two flights of over 12 hours to and from. I’m still recovering. And two are to go hang out with my parents while my sister is cheering on her first child to graduate. I will be talking with teachers in Bend about MovieTalk then. I see that other people are also presenting MT around the country. Is that amazing, or what!! I hope that it’s not totally familiar by the time Betsy and I make it to NTPRS this August.

But yesterday, I took off to go to Senior Fun Day, in between these two adventures. It takes a lot to write sub plans!! The good part was that it was lots of fun, for real, and I am going back to a rainy day with a light heart.

The other good part is that I was able to choose among a bunch of sub plans. I am finally to the point that I realize that I can go to Martina’s and my “Vary the routine/Reading” ideas and just type up some directions with a story or two, and those work perfectly. Or tell the sub that the kids know the drill on story creation. Or any number of other plans.

My goal for the first week out of school now: type up some of those boiler plate sub plans (some are already done, but I have forgotten where I stored them!) and have them ready for the new year, and even for this group.

Hmm. Since I just discovered that there’s a “Substitutes” category on this page, maybe I’ve got some ideas there. I’ll check as soon as I’m done writing this!


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