Year Over

The school year is over! I have a few things left to do at school, thanks to too many meetings on our last day. One undone activity is to sign up for the very conference I’m helping run…maybe once you take a look at it, you will want to sign up too.

At the end of September, the Alaskans for Language Acquisition (AFLA) will meet in Whittier at the Whittier school. We’re very excited that Michael Moore, Ashley Hastings, and Judith Liskin-Gasparro will be our presenters. Sunday’s session will take place on a cruise ship! If you look at the picture on this page, how could you turn it down?

The second part of this message is to encourage people to continue adding films for MovieTalk. Laurie Clarcq suggested one Filminute movie, and I’ve just found another one: Black Hole, in which a man finds that he can get into anything (vending machines, safes) with the aid of a picture he copied.

It’s really good to use longer movies, because you can leave kids with cliff hangers, but the short ones are great for practice and for getting your toes wet in the sea of CI through MovieTalk. Once you start finding these, your students will help you too! One of my kids decided to use a short music video to MovieTalk for his oral final. I loved it, though I initially had doubts about whether I should be letting him do it. It went way too fast for me. I wanted him to take forever. Now he’s set the bar high for next year.

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