Back to Basics

Laurie Clarcq did a series of posts on bloggers back in February, and Mr. Peto’s is one that I’ve been looking at lately. This post of Mike’s sounds like what all of us start to do at this point in the year: give ourselves pointers for next year. My thoughts mirror his on returning to the starting point.

Like Mike, I’ve been thinking about how it always comes back to basics. I’ve been back in a rowing shell, and darn it if I had to learn some of the same lessons over again: connect with my legs first, watch my oar depth, and keep my hands moving around the release.

Some of the times that things didn’t go well this year were because I was concentrating on the method, rather than connecting first with the kids. I have to watch how deep I’m going into the language, and I need to keep the circling and repetitions going.

Everything we learn is basically the same. Connecting is the first piece, and after that life (teaching, lessons, everything…) will fall into place.

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