NTPRS 2013 in Dallas

This conference is wonderful because of the teachers who come to learn, present and share. They are open and want only to do their best for their students. It is inspiration, confirmation and perspiration all in one very hot city!

I won’t be sharing much of it with you this time until I’m back at school, but please! The rest of you: log, blog, and catalogue. Give us links to your musings in the comments if you’re so inclined. Most of the handouts are available on the NTPRS 2013 handouts page.

Here’s the presentation that Betsy Paskvan and I will be doing for the next two days. You will see that it is all pieces that we’ve talked about here.

PS if you’re reading this before Thursday afternoon, it’s possible you’ll run into blank pages or unfinished bits. We’re fixing as much as we can now that it’s the last minute.


6 responses to “NTPRS 2013 in Dallas

  1. I’m trying to blog (but keep getting distracted by talking to other people!) mmehayles.blogspot.com I have the first two days up now, and will try to add the other days soon…


  2. Thank you for the PPt!. It’s almost as good as being there 🙂 Do you mind if I share parts of it in my new teacher orientation in August?


  3. Yo– it’s chris from ben slavic’s plc. Where is Kitsap County and is there a TPRS/CI conf there this fall?


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