Four bloggers in one picture at NTPRS!!

I should have thought of this earlier and gathered others from the sidebar…Laurie was there, of course, and Bryce, Kristy Placido, Carrie Toth, Kristin Duncan, Scott Benedict, Sra Hitz (we’re taken for twins, so you don’t need a picture), Alike, and Mira (not a blogger but her site is here)!photo-21

Left to right: Bess Hayles, Chrystal Barragan, (MJ), and Haiyun.

Wonderful week. I’m up on a cloud and can’t get down!


15 responses to “Bloggers!

  1. I’m still flying high and driving my husband notes trying to explain inside jokes…


    • I think we need to figure out how to get all the husbands and wives there to form a support group for those whose spouses have drunk the Kool-Aid! My husband did come with me to Ixtapa with Carol Gaab, and he took a Spanish class. He realized how quickly he was learning Spanish through the method.

      It would be a lot of fun to have him there, but I am not sure we would all get the midnight talks if spouses came… Lots of times those late, processing discussions are when I learn the most.

      I guess the spouses will just have to put up with only sort of understanding the jokes.


  2. That should say “nuts” not notes


  3. Amazing, so excited to have met such remarkable teachers. You know, I was a little reluctant at first — conferences like these are very expensive for those whose districts can’t pay, but I’m SO happy I saved up for it. Learning more about TPRS was truly supplemental to the amazing friendships made. Can’t wait for next year.


    • I’m so glad you came! I feel the same way…it’s very expensive, but oh, so worth it!

      Until I started going to TPRS conferences, the only time I’d agree to go was if someone else was paying somehow, and even then I’d get “conference fatigue” and have to take breaks. At NTPRS, I want to get to any session that I can. Now that I am sometimes presenting, that’s harder…


  4. Nice to meet you Bess and Crystal! Michelle, could I use this photo as well?
    Your loyal reader,


  5. Carla’s husband might join that group Bess! He was happy to be able to put faces to names after going to Open Mike Night! The spouses/significant others are truly wonderful for dealing with our addiction. :o) Hugs and love to all of you…Michele I love that you are posting the pics and the bloggers!! We so wanted to weave that into our presentation but never did!! This is awesome!


  6. I kindly “forced” Joe to sit with me so I opened my FB page and went through most pictures with him. So he could get a sense what was going on. In addition to introduce to all of my favor people in the world, share inside jokes with him as well. That part that Carol opened G’s buttons, he will remember forever.


  7. That picture made me smile. It certainly was a good week. I’m still wearing my Alaskan flag pin and missing my twin. 🙂 i need to ask Laurie to email to me the photo she took of us before your session.

    Crystal’s comment about being reluctant at first reminds me that those of us who are completely convinced of the benefits of TPRS/CI need to find a way to make it a reality for others to come to NTPRS and see for themselves the power behind these methods. It’s hard to argue against it’s value when it is demonstrated by master teachers like Linda Li, Katya Paukova, Donna Tatum Johns, and so many others.


  8. On Facebook…would you still like to me email it?! No problem! So great to see everyone in person!!

    with love,


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