It begins again, all over…

I have been stuck in a computer-not-working situation for most of a frustrating day. Our district has lots of in-service videos they want us to watch, and since I’m in a relo where the new system hasn’t been wired yet, I had to sit in a dark lab where I couldn’t multi-task.

While I waited fruitlessly for tech support, I was going through files to throw out what I hadn’t used in the last few years.

One of the files I found was from ACTFL 2001. My notes are full of wonder about one session in which the presenter emphasized that “Less is more.” She said that three new structures a day were more than plenty. I had a note to myself that she agreed with Melinda Forward (TPRS instructor who had been to Anchorage with an “old school” TPRS presentation) with only the nine words for a unit.

Once again, I can’t believe that the information had been out there for me all this time, and I’d just ignored it. I’m working very hard on myself to limit whatever I do this semester to few structures and SLOW, no matter what class I’m teaching.

I plan structures going to embedded readings, MovieTalk, and brain breaks that support the first two as my basic plan. With my advanced kids, we’ll add in Scaffolding Literacy. I want to wring every last drop out of structures and readings, going deep rather than wide.


One response to “It begins again, all over…

  1. Welcome back amiga!! It’s such a good reminder that teachers are ready for TPRS when they are ready, and not a moment sooner. Hope they get you hooked up soon!

    with love,


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