Bryce’s Community Plan

Last week, when I started the student interviews, I didn’t know how it would go to learn about just one student every day. In the past, we’ve tried to do more than that with the interview forms, and I have always ended up letting some of the kids slide. I think part of that might have been that there was just too much information about each kid. This year, we’re finding out just a little each day: how old the kids are, how many brothers and sisters they have, and what they like to do or what they like. Some of that information is crossing over: kids like to listen to the same kind of music, or they play the same sports or like the same colors. We’re getting a lot of repetition, and really all I’m doing is trying to learn a little about the kids and give them some connections in the classroom that they might not have otherwise.

The same plan works in the advanced classes; kids are learning some things they didn’t know about the kids who were in their classes all this time as they simultaneously draw in the new kids.

It’s very similar to Ben’s Circling with Balls, but I don’t have to keep track of all the name tags. Because the information is repeated, I don’t have to “circle” so much. And because it’s just one student a day, we can do other things during class.

Oh. I’m also taking a page from Bryce’s (and many of your) handbook: daily work on the board to start the class. That really does help me be a little more organized. It used to be that I started every day with singing. Now we might start ending with singing.


2 responses to “Bryce’s Community Plan

  1. What do you mean by “daily work on the board?” I need anything I can get to help me be (or at least appear) more organized.

    Thanks for this! I am fretfully out of the loop since I missed the summer conferences, so kinda slow on the uptake as far as getting ready for school. Fortunately we don’t start until after labor day 🙂


  2. Every student has a comp book that stays in the room. That keeps all the papers in one place. Every day they put the date into that comp book, and we start class with what Bryce calls “review,” and I call “beginning.” I ask them to write a couple of sentences about their classmates from the interviews, or in the beginning class to practice their Cyrillic. I have put sentences up to translate and comparisons for them to make. I’m sure that I could use this in a very creative way, but I’m mostly buying myself time at the beginning of the class and getting their brains changed over to Russian. I hear them asking the others for information they missed or don’t understand, so I know what I need to be sure to reteach.


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