My twin is coming to AFLA!

Martina Bex sent me a note this morning: Cindy, my long-lost twin, is coming to AFLA!! I wonder how many Alaskan teachers will recognize her.

Cindy must have convinced her husband that she needed to commune with Alaskan teachers (and her sister), to see the mountains, to hang out in the adorable Whittier school, and to hear Michael Miller, Ashley Hastings and Judith Liskin-Gasparro speak. Oh, and then there’s a cruise too…

We’re up to the eighties now, and there’s just one more day to sign up for middle bird prices ($190 for the weekend), and you can sleep in the school or camp or in a hotel or the B&B. Meals are included, as is the cruise. We’ll pick you up from the airport on Friday and deliver you to Whittier. There are lots of sessions and I think it’s going to be fabulous!


Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I found out that Bryce’s community plan didn’t really intend to make beginning Russian students write fifteen sentences on their first quiz. They were supposed to write “His name is…” and “He is 15.” Just two sentences about each person. Yikes. I made them write three facts about each person! Next time it will be SO much easier! On the big quiz, they have to know three things about each person. They will be horrified when I tell them that I screwed up and that they all have A’s for writing more than I should have asked them. I really should read documents and notes at least twice before launching into the activity.


ps click here for the link to AFLA 2013!


5 responses to “My twin is coming to AFLA!

  1. To get to Whittier… do you fly into Anchorage? This is very tempting…


  2. I agree…very very very very very tempting!!!!! Where is that winning lottery ticket when I need it!!! It is going to be amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

    with love,


  3. Im looking forward to my trip to Alaska! Besides, what better time to visit my twin in Alaska than September, before the big snows start?


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