Cat and mouse story wins

For the fifth year in a row, my parents got to see the Susie Gross story about the cat and the mice. I usually have time to ask the kids to teach vocabulary to their parents, but this time remembered only for one group (the other group had just one day). It turned out that the kids didn’t want to let their parents act. They wanted to act, and they were very cute! We didn’t have much time for going over the syllabus or the grading expectations.

I never have enough time on parent Open House night. I really want to do some little talent nights or something like that to get parents and kids here. We’ll see whether I can! If I promise a movie and some classroom videos, I bet they’d come.


6 responses to “Cat and mouse story wins

  1. I do the Cat and Mouse story for our eighth grade visitation day each spring, with visiting students acting out the story. I have only 7 minutes to teach the vocab and tell the story! One parent this year said her daughter wanted to come to our school in part because of that experience. Yes! Cat and Mouse story wins!


  2. Open House is really such a short little time to do anything. We try and invite parents into the school (K-8) on Fridays at noon for an assembly where students perform. Yes, every Fri. but only the parents who can get off come (and Kindergarten parents whenever their child is on stage).

    The last school I worked in, special area teachers would couple with PTSA to put on a performance of some kind with a grade level. whatever works to get people there. Most folks want to see their children perform and as long as it isn’t in conflict with church night, and sports programs, they generally try and come.

    why not think about an early spring (Feb) program with your entire language dept. for families to attend. That way the focus is on your program and your style but the other language depts. get some face time too. Parents with incoming students can be invited, but the idea is to celebrate all the diversity that is embraced through language at your school. You could do an international dinner (they always come for food) and I bet the school admin would love it.


  3. I remember my son visiting my daughter’s high school as a elementary kid. He clicked on something there and insisted that was where he wanted to go. It wasn’t about being like his sister, he was his own little man, it was about the climate he saw to learn in.


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