Friday games

As I may have mentioned, I’ve been using some of Bryce’s ideas for “Our Time” on Fridays. One of the games Bryce mentioned this summer was the “Bad Baby” game (you can find it in his PAT handout on

I couldn’t imagine how that would work to engage high school kids, to be honest, but one of the complaints my kids have had is that they don’t always know all their numbers. They get the teens and one to five, plus whatever numbers they’re interested in (usually 2013, for instance, and 102, because that’s how old I am). And when it comes down to it, despite the fact that we haven’t counted, they usually find they can count at the moment of complaint.

But I digress.

“Bad Baby” became “ugly horse” in my room, because I have an ugly stuffed horse. They took turns hiding it. The class counted, louder as the student searching for the horse got nearer, more quietly as the student was farther.

These high school kids loved it! They got very tricky about hiding the horse, and the searchers got much quicker finding it. I guess we’ll have to speed up the count if we play it in the future.


3 responses to “Friday games

  1. That was an everyday game for us for years, but we had this tiny red gorilla game piece and hid it in our space the auditorium. The kids came in looking for it. When they saw it, they couldn’t tell anyone except a staff member until the moment of revelation sometime before we called for dismissal to snack. It was a great game that many still remember now that they are in college. It is amazing what a game can do to bring everyone into the spirit of community in a class.


  2. We hid the smallest doll in a Russian nesting doll–talk about difficult to find! My all-time favorite hiding spot was in a plastic bag in my mouth.


    • I’m going to tell the kids about this. It would be impossible!! But they’re really learning their numbers now. I’m playing all the numbers games.


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