Using Aurasma

I have to admit I’ve been frittering away time on Aurasma, thanks to the talented Russian teacher from Thunder Mountain in Juneau, Alaska.

I’m going to be gone during our parent conferences while visiting family next week, so I’m making a little photo essay of my students. You can see one result if you follow these somewhat tricky instructions and point them at the picture. (You must have an iPhone or tablet.) 

1. Download Aurasma.

2. Join it.

3. Go to your browser and type this link in:

4. Point the Aurasma viewer at the picture below. (Each team got 15 seconds.) Get most of the picture in the viewer. Image


I’ve been taking a long time to learn this, and I gather that Aurasma itself is having growing pains, so haven’t been able to be totally creative. My advanced kids are having arguments in pictures, and the others are mostly telling stories or introducing characters. One set of kids is singing. I might have a class do some TPR as well. These first-year guys had just a few minutes to figure out how to introduce a character. (In case you didn’t hear, it’s a seven-year-old Batman.) 


3 responses to “Using Aurasma

  1. I tried viewing this last night with no success. Since then I’ve updated to ios7 (not sure if that made a difference), and tried again, WOW!!! That is amazing! Looks like I’ll be investing time in figuring this out too. I should have gone to that session. Any useful tutorials you recommend? How are you keeping the channel secure?
    (I actually already had the app on my phone since I don’t know when, but forgot why I downloaded it.)


    • Evidently Aurasma was having huge issues with the ios7 thing. Now one does have to have ios7 to get to it. I think it’s crazy!

      I can’t really keep the channel secure, except that no one can get to the videos without the pictures as far as I can tell. I will probably take this one down shortly. I will not hand out the pictures to parents; I’ll only have them at school.

      It’s truly amazing to have a full page of kid pictures and get a different video from each one. It kind of blows my mind even though now I’m making them.

      The big question I have now though is…what are the other real uses of this product for language acquisition? I was thinking that I could use it to bring kids my voice from text, but evidently it doesn’t work really well with text. Art teachers are using it to show slide shows of kids working with successive drafts of their art, and other teachers have little videos pop up when kids look through at pictures. I’m not sure that really adds to the educational experience.


      • I can see emailing a parent a picture of their kid, because that could in effect “email” the video, but in a day of sending videos by text message, it’s not really too “wow.” I look forward to hearing from other people!

        OH. Forgot about tutorials. First of all, don’t try to create anything on your iPhone or tablet. That’s the first, most important information. Auras created on your Smart Phone will work only on your Smart Phone. Can’t really see the point of that. Send your trigger images (still photos) and your overlays (videos) to your computer. Download the Aurasma app on the device and join up. Then, on your computer, go to and log in.

        1. Create a channel. Make it public if you want others to be able to see the auras. Click on “link” and mail that link to yourself so you can get it in mail on your phone (easiest). I think that you may be able to make it private, and share the link, but haven’t tried that.
        2. Add a trigger image. (I name it the kid’s name who is in the picture.)
        3. Add an overlay. (Same idea with name)
        4. Create an aura: (I name the trigger, the overlay and the aura the same thing, the names of the kids involved).
        5. Wait a second or two. Now go back to that trigger image and look at it through the viewer in your Aurasma app, or go to the emailed link and it will open automatically so that you can look at your trigger image.

        I tried this first with a picture of the dog and a little video that I took of her. Amazing! The picture came to life! It seems most crazy if you use a picture from the same time that you took the video (Harry Potter crazy). I did some with pictures from the day before and they weren’t as much fun.

        For tutorials, google Aurasma, and there is a series by “Two guys.” I haven’t taken the time to watch them. I was spending all my Aurasma time writing frustrated letters to the support team. Maybe that’s why it works…or maybe it’s the big companies who really needed it to show their ads!


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