Jenny and Giftability

I feel lucky to have Jenny as a friend. Even though she lives far away and we’re both too busy to talk right now, she just sent some plans…she teaches Spanish…

Hi Michele,

You complained on your blog about the ads… well, I clicked on one yesterday and decided to use it for an activity with my classes. You can find it in youtube if you look for Nordstrom and Giftability, a love story. I have been using both indirect and direct object pronouns with my second year students and found that by movie talking and then having them do a follow-up activity, they got lots of practice. We took it a little deeper, talking about the ad itself and the target audience, and whether or not the couple in the story were married. Students did a great job and all the answers on my reading activity were focused on the gifts, rather than the grammar, so we used pronouns as clues to draw the different gifts. I’m attaching my activities so you can share them if you want.
Thanks!! I will go home and watch the video. I’m sure that we can use it in Russian, too! Great time of year to have these, and thanks for an extra idea for Russian New Year. I’ll look for a companion advertisement in Russian!

3 responses to “Jenny and Giftability

  1. Jenny! Is this the Jenny that was at AFLA? If so, tell her thank you for the activity, tell her Hello for me, and tell her I regret that we never had someone take a photo of the wonderful small group of four (you and Martina were the other two) that had an interesting late Saturday evening chat at AFLA.
    Good times….


    • This IS the Jenny from AFLA! I’m hoping she is reading right now…I’m going to get on my phone and send her a love note.

      We did have good times!


  2. That’s me. Thanks for all the great talks! That was a good recharge for me.


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